Don’t Just Live Life


We firmly believe everyone has the innate ability to thrive, regardless of your life experiences or your lifestyle. Dr. Christine Cantwell specializes in gentle, effective chiropractic methods that help your body activate its innate capacity for healing.

Chiropractic for Everyone

Whether you have headaches, migraines, fatigue, stress, anxiety, neck or back pain, or pain anywhere in your body, Chiropractic can get your body's internal healing abilities to function more optimally. Dr. Cantwell practices the chiropractic inside-out approach to health, rather than masking the symptoms with medications from the outside in. Together, we can find and resolve the root causes of the imbalance, which is how your nervous system has responded to the impact of day-to-day stresses, and gentle adjustments to your spine release those holding patterns that keep your body from expressing its full potential.

Chiropractic Pregnancy Care

One of Dr. Cantwell's unique specialties lies in her chiropractic pre and postnatal care. By working with you throughout your pregnancy, relief and even prevention of many of the common discomforts are possible. Many women experience back pain, leg cramps or pubic bone pain during their pregnancy. Her gentle and safe chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy helps keep the pelvic structures in good alignment. Preventing pressure from building up on the sciatic nerves and round ligaments promotes optimal fetal position. This leads to a safer and easier labor for you and your baby. Postnatal care is crucial to help realign your body and support the upper back and shoulders during early infancy. Also, it helps with integration of these life changing experiences and gets your energy moving again. Dr. Cantwell is a member of the renowned International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), and is trained and certified in the Webster Technique to help prevent or alleviate breech births.

"Christine is simply amazing. Extremely gentle movements, but so powerful. My entire body feels like it’s new after just two weeks of seeing her."

- Ania M

Resource Center

Dr. Cantwell constantly works to help you help yourself, giving you tools and resources for self care and to live a healthier, thriving life. Her blog gives you valuable information on a variety of subjects to help you live vigorously and healthily. How to sit to avoid back pain, for example. How a specific supplement can help your child sleep better. Or how to use a foam roller to keep you in better shape. She's even posted about a fertility diet to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.