Welcome Dr. Alex Robles

With more than two decades of professional experience in the healing and movement arts, Dr. Robles brings a broad base of knowledge to her role as a health care practitioner. During her career she has provided chiropractic services to a wide variety of pediatric and adult patients, ranging from manual laborers in the Peruvian highlands and farmers in rural Central America to software engineers in Silicon Valley, pre and post pregnancy and weekend warriors alike.

Her main focus is on correcting spinal misalignments that can cause early breakdown of the spine and imbalances in the body and nervous system which c

an create a lowered tolerance for healing, recovery and overall wellness. Her extensive professional experience has taught her that treating spine problems requires a holistic approach. That is why, in addition to her specialty in various chiropractic techniques, she assists clients with preventative and wellness care, nutritional advice, posture and ergonomic correction, exercises for core strength and overall fitness and weight management. Much of her current practice is informed by her previous experience as a personal trainer and wellness coach, where she pioneered nutritional as well as exercise techniques to promote her clients’ whole health.

The holistic approach also influences her role as an educator to the next generation of healthcare practitioners, having served as an instructor of anatomy and spino-muscular biomechanics at Life Chiropractic College in West Hayward, California. She remains well versed in the current scientific literature regarding evidence-based chiropractic techniques so she can ground both her teaching and clinical practice in the latest clinically-proven procedures.

She also takes inspiration from her lived experience. Her time as a former division I collegiate athlete, current amateur triathlete and trained yoga instructor informs her approach to injury and recovery. Her journey of recovering from her own set of injuries has given her a personal perspective on the healing process, compassion for her patients and the desire to educate people about how to achieve better health through the gentle touch of chiropractic care and healthy habits.

How did you become inspired to become a chiropractor?

After working in a few different healthcare fields I was intrigued that the chiropractic field was built on the idea that the body is a self healing organism as long as there is no interference in the nervous system which is ultimately what is responsible for our body’s ability to heal & function properly. It is a different paradigm than getting sick or being in pain and just taking medicine to make it go away. Chiropractic is about helping the body heal more naturally without drugs or surgery and I found it was closest to my own holistic view. Plus, I’ve been able to incorporate stretching and strengthening the musculature around the spine to help support it through all the activities we put ourselves through each and everyday.

What is a unique service or technique you offer?

I am one of a few skilled doctors in SF to perform a technique called, “Nasal Specific Technique.” I inflate tiny balloons into the nasal concha of each nasal passage. It is ultimately a cranial or skull bone adjustment that helps cerebral spinal fluid circulate more abundantly through the system and has helped thousands of patients with migraines, headaches, sleep apnea, snoring and countless other ailments. I feel grateful to have been taught this technique to help even more people.

What’s your “rule to live by”?

Always make time for self care in the way of moving your body. Whether it’s yoga, pilates, stretching or just going on a walk in the fresh air, movement is life and helps the old stagnant blood to circulate out as new fresh and nourishing blood replenishes the body and cells. On the flip side, know when too much is too much and take a break by not moving & relax!

What’s a favorite experience for you in San Francisco?

The fact that it’s a city with so many cars, people and movement all around but then you can travel to Golden Gate Park or Lands End look out trail area and feel like you are in the woods and far from that urban cement jungle. This is where I go to regenerate and the best part is I get to take my dog with me!




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