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We wanted to get this link up faster than the web design team can manage it. Not sure what to order: Here is my top supplements to combat COVID19 

  • Our Get Healthy store provides dozen’s of top quality verified brands of Supplements and Healthy Living products: our top recommendations are at the top of the 1st page. Use the code FIRST10 for 10% your first order;  https://thrivinglife.gethealthy.store/
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  • Standard Process is the oldest and most respected brand of Whole Food Based Supplements in the US, and they have totally unique products which give  broad spectrum of nutritional support, only available through practitioners- you must 1st create a login on their page and the work with our Dr’s directly to choose your custom supplementation plan.
  • Apeiron Genomics is a cutting edge Genomic testing and Analysis company, with many products not available to the public which provide exceptional support for Health optimization. The products that they have available are selected for maximizing Health Potential in these challenging times.

Dr. Cantwell can help advise you on which supplements are ideal for you,  Book 15min Free Online Consultation – to discuss your unique needs.

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"I have seen various chiropractors over the years and Christine is the only one who…recommends proper exercises and stretches, and takes the extra few minutes at each appointment to see how everything is going in my life. Taking this holistic approach makes the difference and is one of Christine’s greatest values to my back and me."

- Marc A.

"During the later stages of pregnancy, my pubic bone went out of alignment and it really hurt and restricted my movement. Christine gave me an easy to understand synopsis of what was happening with my body and explained what she was working on during the adjustments."

- Rochelle S.