Everyone Has the Innate Ability to Thrive

petalsChiropractic care allows your body’s innate healing abilities to function better by releasing critical stress on the spine and nervous system. Together, we can find and resolve the root causes of your health imbalances, which is how your nervous system has responded to the impact of day-to-day stresses.

We practice a unique approach to chiropractic, called Bio Geometric Integration. Our adjustments help your body to correction on its own, by tapping into the stored potential energy in the spine and nerve system. We have found this is the most effective way to get long term change and results that last. Many of these adjustments require only a light and gentle touch to allow your nerve system to unwind.

Chiropractic Treatment

With greater clarity, flexibility and ease in the communication pathways of the body, you can recover from injuries more quickly, decrease stress in your spinal system, and learn new strategies to avoid tension building up again. Your body’s self-corrective healing abilities are enhanced, and this results in a greater quality of life, as well.

You Can Have a Comfortable Pregnancy and an Easier Delivery

pregnantPregnancy is a time of rapid physical change, for you as well as your baby. Pre-existing imbalances in your spine and pelvis that you’ve never noticed before can become overtaxed as the baby grows and your center of gravity shifts. These added pressures can make it hard to feel comfortable just getting through routine daily activities. Gentle and safe chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy restores balance and movement to your pelvic joints, ligaments, and muscles and allows your body to adapt to the tremendous changes of pregnancy. Keeping your nervous system free of stress and connecting with your breath and natural rhythms are also a tremendous aid in preparation for the birth process. Women receiving regular adjustments throughout pregnancy not only experience a more comfortable pregnancy, but routinely have a safer, easier birth with less complications for you and your baby.

Dr. Cantwell is trained and certified in the Webster Technique to help prevent or alleviate breech presentation. Specific chiropractic adjustments align the pelvic structures and release pressure on the soft tissues, including the round ligament which reduce intra uterine constraint, creating space so the baby can move on its own into a head down position. The Webster Technique complements other methods that your doctor may perform to change the position of the baby.

You can schedule your initial chiropractic appointment online by clicking here.

Massage and Chiropractic: The Perfect Combination

Our studio also offers skilled and specific Therapeutic Massage to complement our holistic approach to body care. Therapeutic massage addresses muscular pain patterns and restores range of motion by working to release the accumulated layers of muscular tension from computer over-work, stress, or pregnancy. We also recommend massage therapy for patients who have a reduced range of motion due to an accident or injury. Both therapies focus on muscles, ligaments and soft tissues that are the root of the pain. They are both holistic approaches that complement each other to identify and treat pain at its source.

"I have seen various chiropractors over the years and Christine is the only one who…recommends proper exercises and stretches, and takes the extra few minutes at each appointment to see how everything is going in my life. Taking this holistic approach makes the difference and is one of Christine’s greatest values to my back and me."

- Marc A.

"During the later stages of pregnancy, my pubic bone went out of alignment and it really hurt and restricted my movement. Christine gave me an easy to understand synopsis of what was happening with my body and explained what she was working on during the adjustments."

- Rochelle S.

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