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petalsWe collaborate with a variety of organizations and practitioners to ensure you are receiving the best care possible.

San Francisco

  • Robin Sheared (formerly Robin Springer) of Blue Ova practices Acupuncture, Chinese Orthopedic massage (Tui Na), deep tissue and sports massage, and relaxation techniques, as well as Chinese Herbology.
  • Cindy Anderson Fitness offers one-on-one personal training, in a unique environment, that allows people to empower themselves to be healthy and strong, both physically and mentally.
  • Emily Huffman lives and practices visual, written, sound, movement, and healing arts in a studio by the beach. You can see her artwork hanging on the walls at Thriving Life Wellness Center.
  • Liz Miracle and the team at Miracle Physical therapy are the creators of the kGoal pelvic floor feedback tool, and offer Pelvic Floor physical therapy to help woman at all stages of life achieve perineal wellness and treat many of the internal aspects of pelvic floor health that we don’t cover here at Thriving Life Wellness.
  • Mother Nurture is a collaborative group of women Dr. Cantwell is part of that focuses on supporting the health and wellbeing of mothers, babies and families through specialized pre- and postnatal care. Please visit the Mother Nurture website for more information on the specific services we offer.
  • Morgan Smith, a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, offers consultation services to support families to educate your child towards healthy sleeping.  She brings her knowledge as a Child and Family Counselor with, a Masters in Somatic Psychotherapy and experience with children (including multiples),to enrich a gentle and therapeutic approach to sleep consulting.
  • The Massage Garage lead by Advanced NeuroMuscular Massage Therapist Gary Mendelson is located within the Thriving Life Wellness Center. Once Gary understands the mechanism of your injury, and how it happened, he can more definitively explain the appropriate massage modalities he uses to relieve that pain.
  • Shannon Padlog offers birth preparation classes, entitled “Birthing from Within.” Whether you are giving birth in a hospital, birthing center or at home, Shannon provides reassurance and comfort before, during, and after the birth of your baby.
  • The Lotus Method, Founder Caitlin Ritt has designed pregnancy specific functional movement and strength training, their studio offers pre and postnatal personal training in a one on one environment for maximum health during pregnancy and recovery afterwards.

East Bay

  • Ratka Mira Popovic of Nectar Health offers an integrative approach combining Eastern and Western healing modalities including Massage, Herbal Therapy, Women’s Health, Nutrition, and Mindfulness. Her 20 years of experience in the healing arts, allows for deep support for the process of change with her clients.
  • Five Flavors Herbs and Ben Zappin L.Ac. offer high quality, extremely effective and ethically produced herbal formulas for many common ailments as well as acupunture and integrative medicine. I recommend their formulas frequently to my patients or common ailments, and for a custom formula for your needs, visit there Herb shop for a consultation with their herbalists and you will soon be on the road to better health, energy or stamina.
  • Kim Lyons and tum e time offer infant massage, baby yoga, and baby classes that teach you how to take advantage of this special time together with your pre-crawling baby.
  • Pamela Rosin of Awakening Presence is a somatic practitioner with skills in Hakokmi, Mindfullness and Restorative yoga, her approach links mind and body to help you develop greater connection to your inner resources for change and renewal. Pamela’s Restorative yoga workshops, are offered quarterly as a way to renew yourself in midst of the seasonal rhythms of life.

"During the later stages of pregnancy, my pubic bone went out of alignment and it really hurt and restricted my movement. Christine gave me an easy to understand synopsis of what was happening with my body and explained what she was working on during the adjustments."

- Rochelle S.

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