New Pricing as of Jan 1st 2019

Adult Initial Visit $180    Child Initial Visit $125

Adult Single Adjustment $85    Child Single Adjustment $65

________________Prepaid Visit Options___________________

6 Pack Adjustments

$480= $80/visit, $30 savings

12 pack adjustments

$894= $74.50/visit, $126 savings

24 pack adjustments

$1730= $72/visit, $310 savings  

Prepaid visits don’t expire and can be shared with family members for Follow up chiropractic visits only. Initial Chiropractic Appointments and Massage services are charged separately. 

If you desire a refund in the future, whatever visits have been used are charged at the full rate for an individual visit at the time you used the service and the remaining balance is returned to you at any time.

Monthly Automatic Payment options

4 visit per month $299/month for 3 months

(12 pack over 3 months time)

2 visits a month for 6 months, $149/month

(12 pack over 6 months time)

*Any packages purchased before Jan 1, 2019 will be honored at the old prices, you can purchase those packages online here.




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