Our Mission is Our Vision

petalsWe live our mission, and help each new patient take the next step on their journey to a thriving life. Everything we do is individualized and personalized. We want to learn who you are, how you live, and why you are here. Your initial visit starts with a private consultation where we talk about what may be causing your problem and why it may have reached the point that brought you to our office in the first place.  Please visit our Online Schedule to get started.

Gentle Touch Meets High Tech

Technology has come a long way over the past few years, and it has now reached a point in chiropractic where we can show you exactly where your body is out of balance at any given time, and establish a baseline for our gentle touch technique to shift your body to better health. All of these technologies complement our inside-out approach to chiropractic care.

Digital Nerve Scan

Our Digital Nerve Scan reveals hidden stresses on your body’s health, and tracks your progress towards improved function.

The accumulation of physical, emotional and chemical stresses you face on a day-to-day basis can cause pain and discomfort in many parts of your body.

A Digital Nerve Scan is one of our most important tools to measure those stresses from the inside. With this unique technology we can see where irritation and inflammation has accumulated along your spine, and actually see where those stresses are having the greatest negative impact on your health. Those initial results give us a clear picture of your health and allow us to design a healing program that will lead to your overall wellness and a thriving life.

Dr. Cantwell continually monitors how your body is responding to their adjustments. They can fine tune your care and improve your results, as we can actually see a picture of how you are achieving your health goals.

Static and Dynamic Surface Electromyography (sEMG)

Progress BarThis innovative technological breakthrough measures changes in the electrical activity of the muscles alongside your spine. We can actually see where the muscles are pulling greater on one side or the other at the affected vertebrae in your spine, and also see the overall picture of how your body is managing the tension load you are carrying around every day in your back. We use this information as a baseline to quantify the muscular changes associated with improving the biomechanics of your body and tracking your body’s progress towards greater self-maintenance.

The technology itself is similar to an EKG, but it’s 1,000 times more sensitive, since the muscles alongside the spine generate less electrical activity than the heart muscle.

The Digital Nerve Scan is one of the more exciting technologies in our chiropractic practice, because we can see and track changes in the 90% of your nerve signals that are not dedicated to pain, and track your improvements to make sure we are getting maximum results.

Heart Rate Variability

This new, unique and important technology allows us to directly measure the effect of chiropractic care on the function of your heart by monitoring the beat-to-beat variation in your heart rate. This is an integral part of our new patient in-take process that isolates how your nervous system modulates your heart rate. It allows us to evaluate the degree of imbalance within your nervous system. This shows us how severely stress is impacting your body and its ability to heal. It also lets us know how quickly you can expect results.

The Activator

Chiropractors have many ways to adjust the spine in order to bring balance to the nerves and the communication pathways in your body. We focus on the spine, because that’s where the nerve pathways primarily run. Many times, we use a very gentle force, sort of like a light touch on your eyelid, as that stimulates your body’s internal release mechanisms. By releasing spinal cord tension, and building body awareness and breath release, most of the correction can be made by your own body.

Chiropractic Care

To complement the internal shifts your body has already made, we also use an adjusting tool, a new technology that introduces a rapid impulse into the joint and the proprioceptive nerves which surround it. This achieves the same result as a traditional chiropractic adjustment, because the nerves are primed to respond to speed. Having studied how the chiropractic adjustment works, the research shows the faster the impulse, the more it fires up to your brain, stimulating the body to regain movement and the correct position of that part of the body. Releasing restrictions in motion at the key places in the upper neck and the sacrum where the spinal cord attaches to the bones allows the whole nervous system to come back into balance and release a fight or flight type stress response in the body.

To find out more about how gentle touch chiropractic and the state-of-the-art technology that NASA uses could be right for you, please contact us now.

New Patient Forms

Before you arrive for your first visit, we recommend you download and complete one of the following new patient forms:

"I have gone to many chiropractors over the years, and Christine is by far the best. Her ability to read what is going on in your body is uncanny. The wide breadth of techniques and genuine passion for healing she brings to the table results in amazing healing. In one session she fixed a knee that had been bothering me for years."

- Katherine C.