COVID 19 top supplements recommendation

Non Pharmaceutical Treatment options for Prevention and treatment of COVID 19: Source Oliver Zolman MD:

For the complete references and links for the research go here:

Here is my summary of the top preventative supplements, dosages and when to take- plus links where to purchase them online via reputable high quality sources.

Continue before and throughout and after infection: 

Vit D3 2000IU day– or test VIT D levels and supplement accordingly 2000 IU D3 daily adjusted dose to reach blood level 75 – 90 nmol/L (no megadosing is cautioned due to cytokine reaction potential- but want to get your levels up- you can order a Vit D home test here: )

Garlic 2 medium cloves ( 10 mg) of 180mg Allicin  with main meal

Probiotics min 10 billion lactobacillius per day (also eat sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir)

Quercetin 1000 mg/day preventative

and Nettles ( Tea/Tincture) daily as a preventative

Echinacea 400 mg 2x day

to order Standard Process supplements text me at 415 857 5374 for my practitioner code to register.

Vit C 500-1000mg day

Any Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency dose to get to middle of normal range ( Primal Multi)

Selenium 50-100 micrograms/day ( this is also in the Primal Multi)

From the start of symptoms til symptoms are gone

Zinc Lozenges- zinc acetate or gluconate

70-90 mg elemental zinc divided into 6-10 doses individual lozenge 4mg, let slowly dissolve in mouth over 15-30min

*(must not contain citric acid, Tartaric acid, Sodium bicarbonate, Hydrogenated palm kernal oil, Cotton seed oil, Soya lecithin, Mannitol, Sorbitol, Sucralose, magnesium stearate as won’t allow Zinc free ions to release. the ones linked above are the correct kind. 

NAC 1.2-1.8mg daily (not as a preventative 600mg 2 x day with illness)

Resveratrol/ Poyphenols 200mg/day

Andrographis herb 200mg/day to order Standard Process supplements text me at 415 857 5374 for my practitioner code to register.

Omega3’s ( anti inflamamatory)  


these are specific components of omega 3’s very good for the cell membrane of tissues (such as the lungs)

Liver Support formula combines several useful substances (NAC, Reishi, Cordyopis, Chinese Skullcap) 

Glucosamine Sulfate 3mg

Green Tea  or Black tea 2-3 cups a day

Theanine supplement per day 200mg

Foundational Nutrients:

Magnesium 500-1000mg daiily dose to get to middle of normal range ( Magnesium Malate dosen’t cause digestive effects)

Collagen 30mg day– found in bone broth 

elderberry 600-1500mg day

brewers yeast, oats, mushrooms (and other food high in beta glucans)

or take beta glucans 50-100/day

ACHH- Mushroom derived extract that is high in alpha glucans-

Daily Dozen eating recommendations ( healthy variety of whole foods)

foods to increase nitric oxide patients with higher nitric oxide levels had less severe symptoms or this is a Beet supplement

Source: Oliver Zolman MD

Sleep- 7-9 hours per night (take melatonin and Threanine/skullcap to support) 

Moderate Exercise- 4-6 hours/week

For Children: these products provide Immunity and Developmental Support  and this is a chewable version of Congaplex– great for adults and children to support acute immune function

All of these are available through our online store options, and please schedule a 15min Free consult with Dr. Cantwell to help you select the products best for your needs.




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