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Why does my Back Hurt? and how do I make it better in 4 mins a day? Foundation Training 101

Does a chiropractic digital nerve scan hurt?

Why does your back hurt? Whether is is an acute flare up of a back spasm or a chronic nagging pain, the chances are very good that you are are stuck! Stuck in a hunched forward position in the head, neck, and shoulders and contracted in the hip flexors with weak butt and low back […]

Welome Back Sergio!

Thriving Life Wellness is pleased to welcome back skilled and experienced therapeutic certified massage therapist/nuero-muscular Therapist Sergio Saez!. Soon after starting his studies at the National Holistic Institute -one of the most prestigious massage schools in the country- Sergio knew he wanted to apply his newly acquired skills to heal, rather than just relax clients. […]

Why does my neck hurt? Or connecting the tight trapezius to the universe…Part 1

Every day patients come to my office, looking for an adjustment, because they are in pain, because they are feeling stuck, and because a problem that has resolved in the past- like neck tension or  hip pain, is not ‘going away’ on it’s own anymore.  And they are in the right place! We can help […]

How to Prevent Back Pain During Pregnancy

How to Prevent Back Pain During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant you will do almost anything to prepare for the birth of your baby. This includes working on your health, exercising, talking to friends and doctors about what to expect and more. You do all of this because labor and giving birth are some of the most physically demanding things a woman can experience. One item that needs to be on your list is back labor and how to prevent it.

Eight Tips to Help Prevent Pregnancy Backache

It’s not unusual to experience back pain or discomfort when you are pregnant. As your body changes from your baby growing, your center of gravity shifts which can cause an imbalance in your spine and aggravate previously unnoticed imbalances. There are things you can do to help prevent an aching back while pregnant. Here are eight tips you can start today to help prevent back pain.

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