ALINE insoles provide barefoot movement with dynamic cushion and support

This fall start fresh with a complimentary laser hip, knee and ankle alignment assessment and fitting with the highest quality dynamic balancing insoles available, ALINE- These insoles achieve barefoot movement dynamics WITH dynamic ribbing support to enable natural barefoot functions in any shoe, on any surface. Because better movement means better health! Experts agree we […]

Introducing Dr. Ashley Freidel DC

Dr. Ashley Freidel has a passion for holistic health and wellbeing; having an inner drive and commitment to helping people of all ages thrive in every aspect of their life. Originally from Chicago, her passion led her to San Francisco where she graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College West earning her Doctorate in Chiropractic […]

Why does my Back Hurt? and how do I make it better in 4 mins a day? Foundation Training 101

Does a chiropractic digital nerve scan hurt?

Why does your back hurt? Whether is is an acute flare up of a back spasm or a chronic nagging pain, the chances are very good that you are are stuck! Stuck in a hunched forward position in the head, neck, and shoulders and contracted in the hip flexors with weak butt and low back […]

Beginners guide to chiropracitc

Welcome Dr. Ameneh!

Dr. Ameneh Raeisghasem brings with her a wealth of experience in her 20 years of practice as a chiropractor, with a special emphasis in holistic and integrative care for families., including pregnancy care, pediatrics & acupuncture and is certified in the Webster Technique, via the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. Prior to joining the Thriving Life Wellness Center, […]

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