ALINE insoles provide barefoot movement with dynamic cushion and support

This fall start fresh with a complimentary laser hip, knee and ankle alignment assessment and fitting with the highest quality dynamic balancing insoles available, ALINE- These insoles achieve barefoot movement dynamics WITH dynamic ribbing support to enable natural barefoot functions in any shoe, on any surface. Because better movement means better health!

Experts agree we weren’t meant to wear shoes, but we live in a world of concrete, asphalt, and a host of other terrains that wreak havoc on our feet. To make things worse, the shoes we wear restrict the natural movements of the more than 100 bones, muscles, and joints in each foot. But there’s hope!


Our patented dynamic ribbing gives your foot the freedom to move naturally. Absorb, transmit, and reflect energy. These ribs form to the natural contour of your foot.

Feet do not have one shape and should move freely throughout activity.


But your footwear, combined with hard surfaces like concrete, limit the natural movements of your feet.

ALINE’s help enable natural barefoot functions in any shoe, on any surface so you can move the way nature intended.

Our more than 100 dynamic support and suspension structures help to activate your natural barefoot functions, aligning your feet, legs, hips, and back during activity.

Through each of your thousands of movements, ALINE help give you the freedom to move the right way at the right time.

Find out how good it feels to move with dynamic barefoot support with a 30 day no risk trial of ALINE insoles at much less than the cost of custom orthodics ($99 pair). Available now at Thriving Life Wellness- ask about an our laser guided alignment assessment at your next visit.




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