Chiropractic care allows your body to function more efficiently by restoring and enhancing the communication between your peripheral nervous system and your brain. When there is a communication breakdown between the brain and the body, you are more vulnerable to injury, and the impacts of stress take a greater toll on your health, and the maintenance functions of your body such as the immune, reproductive and cellular maintenance and repair are compromised.

Learn more about how chiropractic care affects your overall health and some recent studies which explain how chiropractic care works:

"I have seen various chiropractors over the years and Christine is the only one who…recommends proper exercises and stretches, and takes the extra few minutes at each appointment to see how everything is going in my life. Taking this holistic approach makes the difference and is one of Christine’s greatest values to my back and me."

- Marc A.

"During the later stages of pregnancy, my pubic bone went out of alignment and it really hurt and restricted my movement. Christine gave me an easy to understand synopsis of what was happening with my body and explained what she was working on during the adjustments."

- Rochelle S.